Native American leaders' autographs offered at Heritage Auctions

The autographs of Native American leaders Geronimo and Sitting Bull will sell as part of Heritage Auctions' Legends of the Wild West Signature Auction on November 8 in Dallas.

Sitting Bull would offer autographs while part of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

The auction celebrates the American frontier and its history, also offering a rare photograph of Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch.

Sitting Bull (1831-1890) was a Hunkpapa Lakota holy man who served as one of the leaders of resistance to the ruthless US government policies. He led his people to victory in the Battle of Little Bighorn, before surrendering to US forces some years later and joining Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.

It was there he learnt to sign his name, and began selling his autograph to collectors, and visitors to the show. He was later shot and killed by US police officers after returning to the Standing Rock reservation, amid fears he would use his influence in another uprising.

His autograph, a great example on a clean 5-inch by 2.75-inch card, is open for bids at $2,500.

Geronimo's autograph is one of the most distinctive in the hobby

Geronimo was a leader of the Bedonkohe Apache, who became known for his leadership against Mexico and Texas in the Apache Wars (1849-1886). He eventually surrendered as a prisoner of war, before becoming a celebrity at various fairs, but was never allowed to return to his homeland.

Geronimo's autograph is highly distinctive, with parts of letters shaded. It too sits on a clean card, which is mounted alongside an unusual photo with "Geronimo Chief Councilman of the Chiricohuas" written below.

The lot has received a bid of $2,200.

Oakley was still a crackshot aged 62 - the card was signed in 1922

Among the finest autographs in the sale is that of Annie Oakley, which is featured on a souvenir card depicting her on horseback. Oakley has shot through the decorative heart on the card - a demonstration of her shooting prowess, despite being 62 years old at the time she signed it. The lot opens at $4,000.

Paul Fraser Collectibles has a fantastic framed autograph from Annie Oakley for sale as well as a strand of hair from Geronimo.

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