Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) (PF14) signed cheque

A Bank of America cheque dated November 7, 1951, filled out and signed by Marilyn Monroe payable to her Beverly Hills psycho-analyst, Dr. A. Gottesman, for $150.00.

Marilyn Monroe

1950 was the year Monroe's career had taken off in a big way, thanks to the tireless efforts of her devoted agent, Johnny Hyde, but he died of a heart attack in December of that year.

Marilyn first attempted suicide, using barbiturates, after his funeral.

This may be assumed to be the reason she was seeing a psychiatrist in 1951. She was also already showing signs of the stage fright which dogged her career.

Psychiatrists were important to her, as shown by a sizeable bequest left to the one she was seeing at the time of her death.

The cheque has punch cancellations (barely touching the first letter of the signature) otherwise it is in pristine condition.

Monroe memorabilia continues to be highly sought after with Marilyn's signature, alone, up 145.5% in value in the last decade.

Her popularity continues to grow - Marilyn placed at No. 9 on the 'dead celebrity rich list' of 2008 with annual earnings of $6m. She is the only female to appear on the list that is headed by Elvis Presley whose estate earned $52m in 2008.

A very fine example of her signature.

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