Lord Nelson collectibles soar 16.33% pa since 2000

Lord Nelson._200_years on his name remains instantly recognisable the world over. And his collectibles are making waves among investors keen to add some diversity and no little mystique to their portfolios.

Prices have been soaring of late.

In 2010 we sold a piece of the flag from the Victory, the ship on which he was shot and killed during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, for £75,000 ($118,140).

In January 2011, a locket containing a lock of Nelson's hair sold for £44,000 ($68,000) at auction. The locket also contained hair thought to have belonged to his mistress, Lady Emma Hamilton.

We have also seen growing demand for Nelson's autograph in the past decade. According to the PFC40 Autograph Index, signed letters by Admiral Horatio have grown in value from £1,800 ($2,835) in 2000 to £9,500 ($14,970) today, at a rate of 16.33% pa.

We currently have one of the rarest and most sought after pieces of Nelson memorabilia available: a signed handwritten note from Nelson to an unnamed admiral, advising him of British ship movements on the northern coast of France during 1801.

Lord Nelson collectibles

It is a superb piece of British naval history, and one that could well produce a significant profit in years to come as values climb higher.

It is currently priced at £8,500 ($13,410), a full £1,000 below the index listing - offering real value to investors.

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