Lord Lucan bounced cheques could make $287 each

A collection of bounced cheques signed by Lord Lucan are to be offered at Dix Noonan Webb.

In 1974 Lucan, a banker and member of the British aristocracy, is believed to have murdered his children's nanny and attacked his wife with an iron bar.

Lord Lucan cheque
Lord Lucan fled after the murder of his children's nanny

He fled in the aftermath of the crime and his car was later found abandoned on the Sussex coast.  

His whereabouts since then are a mystery - with some claiming he killed himself and others arguing he escaped to Africa.

Earlier this year he was presumed dead and a certificate issued.   

All the cheques date to 1973-1974, with the last dated just a couple of months before he disappeared. They are each addressed to the director of a London casino.

There are eight in total, with each expected to sell for around £150-200 ($215-287) when they cross the block in London on April 11.

Christopher Webb, head of numismatics at the auction house, told the Daily Mirror: "These cheques are historic and poignant reminders of a family tragedy that turned into one of the greatest murder mysteries in British history.

"They show us how a man from a privileged background and blessed with film star good looks was sinking ever deeper into debt because of his gambling addiction."

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