John Lennon's handwritten note-to-self is worth remembering at Gotta Have It

Gotta Have Rock & Roll are holding a sale opening in a few days' time which includes a very personal piece of John Lennon memorabilia.

The item is not a stage-used instrument, nor even handwritten lyrics, but a household note with various information and reminders for household chores and leisure apparently written by Lennon to himself in the second person.

Some of these are mundane, and yet even then when written in Lennon's style give a homely picture of a lively and perhaps tetchy mind behind them. This gives a feeling of getting very close to the star.

He had to wait for the HBO cable guy again "(the other guy didn't know what was wrong)". An asterisked elaboration explains that an FM radio receiver was offered instead and that this baffled Lennon, but he wasn't certain he didn't want it.

John Lennon handwritten note-to-self list
GET SOME MARMALADE!! - John Lennon's handwritten note-to-self list

Other notes included reference to a need for marmalade (not jam!) and asking 'Steve D' about herbs for a cat.

There is also a reference to a Margaret Trudeau book, which must be Beyond Reason as she had not completed any others before Lennon's death.

Perhaps most intriguing to us is a reference to Blue Mystery: The Story of the Hope Diamond by Susanna Steinem Patch. The book charts the myths and mysteries of the hugely valuable diamond owned by Henry Philip Hope.

John Lennon autograph and drawing
John Lennon autograph and drawing

With bids starting at $3,000 (but unlikely to end there) the items with be open to offers from November 30 onwards. Watch this space for more details of the auction.

Unique collectibles showing John Lennon's character are always highly coveted, which is why we're so excited to currently own a figurative drawing by John Lennon which also bears his autograph.

The PFC40 Autograph Index shows that Lennon's autograph has increased in value by 799.3% in the last 11 years and by 5.04% in the last year alone - just one of the reasons that the drawing qualifies for our unique 120% guarantee.

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