John Hancock signed lottery ticket set to be the biggest winner at Americana auction

This weekend sees the conclusion of a fascinating auction of collectibles ranging through Autographs, Coins and Currency to Americana. Included are some items likely to intrigue philatelists - it's a sale with something for everyone.

Currency collectors will be particularly interested in a 1776 Continental Congress Uncut Eight Note Sheet printed on special blue counterfeit detector paper. This rare piece comprises each of the notes for dollar amounts one to eight - rather different from the limited number of denominations on modern banknotes.

1760 Dollar banknotes sheet counterfeit detector
The 1760 sheet of banknotes on counterfeit-detector paper

Printed in deep black, it has been graded by the PMG as Choice Uncirculated-63, and listed at $8,000-$10,000.

There are also two notable free franks from that period of history, signed by the founding fathers John Hancock and George Washington.

First there is a cover written around April 1, 1787 - a 'Free' Frank Postal Cover Signed, "Free - G. Washington" as a private citizen, being entirely written in Washington's own hand. It concerns Washington's farming interests, specifically breeding his animals.

John Hancock lottery ticket autograph
Poffibly the beft lot: John Hancock's autograph on a lottery ticket

Given the date (at the conclusion of the American Revolution, but before Washington's election to President as such), it's a great reminder that Washington had more simple concerns than the grand requirements of America.

The free frank signed by John Hancock dates to a decade earlier, in 1777. Whilst any John Hancock piece is valuable, this one is particularly so as it was signed when he was the serving President of the Continental Congress, the closest office to President of the US in existence at the time.

A decade earlier again is an autograph from early in John Hancock's political career, when a lottery ticket was signed by him. The Colonial Period Lottery Ticket is signed in rich brown with typical boldness. The April 1767 ticket is expected to sell for $18,000.

George Washington Signed Lottery Ticket
It could be you... who owns this George Washington signed lottery ticket
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The online auction closes this Sunday, December 11.

Needless to say signatures of founding fathers on items such as lottery tickets are extremely valuable. We can go one better than the example in the sale, offering George Washington's autograph on a lottery ticket.

So confident are we of its ongoing value that we're offering it with our unique 120% guarantee - a rare certainty in the current economic climate.

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