John F Kennedy's autographed Christmas card... From beyond the grave

Merry Christmas! Hopefully your Christmas is going to plan and you're enjoying both good company and good gifts. But were any of these gifts given to you by somebody famous?

Or how about somebody famous and deceased...?

That's exactly what a lady named Miss Shaw could have received from the one and only President John F Kennedy - a month after his assassination on November 22, 1963.

JFK and his wife Jackie are known to have co-signed 15 Christmas cards, and 15 New Year cards, prior to John's assassination at the hands of Lee Harvey Oswald.

The card is written in Jackie Kennedy's hand, and reads: "For Miss Shaw - with our deepest appreciation and affection."


What's more, this piece was no traditional Christmas card, but rather a 4.5" x 6" colour reproduction print of a lithograph showing 'Mill's Colossal Equestrian Statue of General Jackson' in front of the White House.

The Kennedys clearly held Miss Shaw in high regard. Today, this piece is for sale and can be yours for £24,000 - click here to find out more.

Key to this 'posthumous' Kennedy Christmas gift is both its excellent condition and rarity. It is one of just 30 known posthumous Kennedy autographs in the world.

Pieces like these are among the most sought-after in today's collectibles markets.

This is thanks to JFK's strong legacy. Because the President died young and in his prime, his IMAGE_remains strong in American history - and he is arguably the best-loved of history's American presidents.


Kennedy hearse
For sale: the hearse which carried Kennedy following his 1963 murder

This is why Kennedy's autograph has grown in value by, on average, 7.91% over the past 12 months. In other words, a JFK autograph worth £6,950 a year ago could be worth £7,500 on today's markets.

Elsewhere, the world's ongoing love of the Kennedy saga - both JFK's life... and his death - has resulted in some more unusual auction sales.

These include the upcoming auctioning of the hearse which carried Kennedy's body to Air Force One following his assassination in Dallas. That sale happens next month. You can read our full report here, and we'll bring you more news on the sale of JFK's hearse when it happens.

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