John F Kennedy 'posthumous autograph' -one of just 30 - appears for sale

Did you know that, after President John F Kennedy's assassination in 1963, some "posthumous" autographs were released? And that only 30 of them are known to exist?

Given the ongoing legacy of JFK, and his status as arguably the best-loved 20th century US President, such autographs are especially coveted on today's collectibles markets.

The aura surrounding JFK's Presidency is perhaps the strongest in U.S political history. No figure so dramatically encapsulates both sides of the American dream, from the highest aspirations of office to the dark underbelly of corruption and scandal.

Just one of many reasons why Paul Fraser Collectibles is especially excited to have acquired one of these exceptionally rare autographs...

John F Kennedy and his wife Jackie are known to have co-signed 15 Christmas cards and 15 New Year cards,  prior to his assassination on November 22.

This example was "For Miss Shaw - with our deepest appreciation and affection" alongside the date "Christmas 1963" and a reproduction print from a lithograph of 'Mill's Colossal Equestrian Statue of General Jackson' near the White House.

This is one of only 30 known 'posthumous' autographs by John F Kennedy – we have it for sale at Paul Fraser Collectibles priced at £24,000


If you're a regular reader of Paul Fraser Collectibles, you'll know that quality, rarity and provenance are the key factors to consider when choosing to buy an historic collectible.

In fact, the rarest John F Kennedy signed pieces - letters in particular - have risen in value by £1,850 to £7,500 over the past 11 years. In other words, that's a rise of 305.4%.

John F. Kennedy is a true American icon and, not surprisingly, his legacy has translated to big successes at the world's top auctions in recent times. Kennedy's last-ever autograph, signed on a copy of a Dallas newspaper just hours before he was assassinated, sold for $39,000 in November 2009.

Yet our example for sale goes beyond this. It is one of just 30 posthumous examples of JFK's autograph. We have this piece for sale priced at £24,000 - a bargain compared to the price achieved by the signed Dallas newspaper.

Also among our recently-acquired JFK stock items is another autograph whose provenance is linked to Miss Shaw. And it's arguably more personal than the 'posthumous autograph'.

Alongside a photo taken of Kennedy with his children, Caroline and John Kennedy Jr, and Caroline's pony Macaroni (a gift from Kennedy's successor as President, Lyndon Johnson) the inscription reads "For dear Miss Shaw - with love from us all - and the deepest appreciation as always."

This item was autographed by John, Jackie and also their children for ‘Miss Shaw’ – it is for sale in our stock priced at £19,950


Signed in black ink by John and Jackie, this piece has the added bonus of having been autographed by young Caroline and infant John Jr's scribble (someone, probably Jackie, has noted that this scribble is from John Jr).

A fabulously personal item, we currently have it for sale priced at £19,950.

This photograph was taken on 22nd June 1962. It is mounted and framed with a presentation inscription which is dated December 25, 1962 from Jackie Kennedy who has written:

"For dear Miss Shaw - with love from us all - and the deepest appreciation as always."

We always recommend that you purchase John F. Kennedy autographs from well-established dealers which offer lifetime guarantees. But, at Paul Fraser Collectibles, we go one step further with our 120% Guarantee...

The 120% Guarantee means you can purchase this item from Paul Fraser Collectibles - and then return it to us five years later for a full credit on any future stock item on the Paul Fraser Collectibles website, to the value of 120% of the original purchase price.

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