John Dillinger bank autograph could get away with $15,000 from California

We've just time for one last look at a multi-themed Californian auction that's concluding in exactly three days' time.

We've already reported that it's offering a John Hancock autograph document, exceptional stamps and rare space memorabilia, the latter including a space-flown item signed by Neil Armstrong.

But whilst collectors are always likely to retain their fascination with these heroes of American history, there's always a fascination with the notorious too and there is also an autograph in the sale of someone who very much fits that category.

Indeed he is arguably responsible for the FBI existing in its current form - though he deserves none of the credit.

The autograph in question is a bank note signed by a certain John Herbert Dillinger.  The clear, blue fountain pen signature of Dillinger appears on a bank ledger sheet torn from a bank book, along with figures and notation.

John Dillinger bank ledger note autograph
The John Dillinger bank ledger note autograph

Dillinger's autograph is one of the hardest to track down around, appearing on only a handful of items. It is consistently valuable at auction.

Just this month, we've seen the power of notorious collectibles in the form of Bonnie & Clyde's guns, which sold for over $200,000.

Like Dillinger, they achieved notoriety in their lifetimes (though the duo killed far more) and had a film made off them. Johnny Depp took the leading role as Dillinger in Public Enemies - the name being a reference to J. Edgar Hoover naming him as Public Enemy No. 1.

The bank ledger sheet is expected to sell for $10,000-15,000 in the auction which closes online on February 3.

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