James Joyce handwritten letters make $25,000

A pair of rare handwritten letters by James Joyce have sold for $24,650 at RR Auction.

The sale closed on August 12.

James Joyce letters
James Joyce wrote Ulysses, his masterpiece, in 1918

The letters date to shortly after the publication of his masterpiece, Ulysses, in 1918. The first, addressed to a well-wisher, reads: "Allow me however to thank you for your very friendly letter and for your kind words about my book Ulysses.

"Eight installments have now appeared in the Little Review of New York but unfortunately the Egoist (London) cannot find any printer to set up these chapters.

"They have also been delayed by my illness this year—a grave malady of the eyes to which I am subject…"

The second letter dates to 1919 and included "a snapshot taken by a friend of mine after my illness".

Mark Traynor, director of the James Joyce Centre in Dublin, told the Guardian newspaper: "The interest in such correspondence is that it shows just how much pressure Joyce was under at the time.

"He was under considerable stress both financially and in terms of his health, all the while writing a book that appeared to have all the odds stacked against it.

"His artistic determination and work ethic really comes through in letters such as this."

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