Investing in autographs

The correct answer is 13.2% per annum.

That's the compound annual growth rate since 2000 of the world's 40 most sought-after museum-grade autographs, according to our PFC40 Autograph Index.

How does that 13.2% per annum figure compare?

Since 2000:

·         0.9% pa - FTSE100

·         3.5% pa  - Dow Jones

·         6.3% pa  - London property

·         11.4% pa - Gold

Diversification is your friend

So what do the figures show? Ditch stocks and plow all your money into rare autographs and gold?

Not so fast!

I would suggest they reveal that top-end autographs can certainly hold their own among more traditional investments…

…and that you should seriously consider them as a small, but important, part of your overall investment strategy.

Because if the financial crisis has taught us anything, it's that diversification lets you sleep at night.  

Paul McCartney autograph
Paul McCartney’s autograph has grown in value by 20.6% per annum since 2000

And we haven't even mentioned another important benefit of investing in rare autographs: owning one is a lot more fun than a bar of gold.

Want to learn more?

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