I'll never love anyone else - Elizabeth Taylor's first love letters come to auction

Love letters written by a 17-year-old Elizabeth Taylor are coming to an RR Auction online sale in May.

The collection of more than 60 letters written by the besotted Taylor to her first of several fiancés were valued at $25,000 prior to the movie star's death last week. They are now anticipated to achieve considerably more.

Taylor is expected to be high up on Forbes' annual list of top earning dead celebrities when it is released later this year. Michael Jackson's death in 2009 saw sales associated with the artist soar to $275m in 2010, surpassing former number one on the list Kurt Cobain with ease.

The recipient of the letters was William Pawley, the then 22-year-old son of a US ambassador.

"I've never known this kind of love before, it's so perfect and complete - and mature," wrote Taylor on May 6, 1949.

"I've never loved anyone in my life before one third as much as I love you - and I never will (well, as far as that goes - I'll never love anyone else - period)."

Hopeless romantic: Taylor could write a good love letter

The couple's engagement was broken off after a year. Taylor married Conrad Hilton in 1950, her first of seven husbands.

The letters also detail Taylor's dismay at her sham relationship with college football star Glenn Davis. The publicity ruse was organised by her mother.

Potential investors will have the opportunity to bid on the letters from May 12 to 19.

Reports suggest that a love letter written by her former husband Richard Burton, three days before he died in 1984, was buried with Taylor in Glendale, California on Thursday. Taylor is thought to have kept the letter by her bedside for the last 27 years of her life.

Rumours abound that Taylor's jewellery collection could soon appear at Christie's, with proceeds going to AIDS charities.


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