'I forged Ian Curtis's autograph' admits Peter Hook

Peter Hook, the bassist for Joy Division and New Order, has admitted faking singer/songwriter Ian Curtis's autograph on the band's records over a long period of time.

Curtis hanged himself in 1980, aged just 23, apparently due to problems with epilepsy and tensions with his wife caused by an affair.

Joy Division's impact on music is well-remembered by music fans, especially for their haunting track Love Will Tear Us Apart, which was released and appeared in the charts after Curtis's death.

The remaining members of Joy Division reformed as the very successful New Order.

"There's some guy who had 'An Ideal for Living' and it was signed by all four members of the band and dated. I went in and said, 'Have you not noticed that the date is after Ian died?' Hook told radio station XFM.

Hook's admission is a reminder to autograph collectors - always be sure that the signing is genuine.

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