'I did not write a book about quantum theory, but...'

A letter, dated January 1954, from Einstein to a Dr Oliver Ford in England, typed on paper with an Institute For Advanced Study (Princeton) letterhead, is to sell at auction by the end of the day (February 10).

In the letter, Einstein explains, with reference to physics, quantum theory and reality, "I did not write a book on this subject, but did write numerous shorter reflections on it. Unfortunately, I no longer have any extra prints of these."

Einstein goes on to reference some of these works, including some classic pieces by the world famous physicist, such as Quantum Theory and Reality in 'Dialectica' (a Swiss Philosophy Journal).

Albert Einstein's TLS signed letter to Dr Oliver Ford
Albert Einstein's signed letter to Dr Oliver Ford
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The letter, signed 'A Einstein', is available online at RR Auction (we recently interviewed their Head of PR, Bobby Livingston).

However, we've seen this letter before...

The same letter was bought at Bonhams in October 2009. It was part of a large sale of books, manuscripts and surfing memorabilia, and sold for $2,440.

Presumably, the current owner was treating it as an investment, and recognising the value of such an historic piece, hopes to sell it for more.

At the time of writing the current bid was $2,716 - an investment return of 11% in 4 months.

And as the auction is still running the bids may well increase further.

It's a timely reminder of Paul's Investment Tip in our most recent newsletter:

"Truly great people and geniuses ... are recognised by future generations, who measure their achievements and successes in the overall jigsaw of our developing World."

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