Good luck trying to get THIS STAR'S autograph

For Tiger Woods, old habits die hard…

Getting hold of the golfing great's autograph is still as difficult as ever.

When Tiger was at the top of his game during the 2000s, trying to obtain his autograph was nigh on impossible - especially anywhere near a golf course, where his focus was solely on playing the best round possible.

Following the 2009 revelations of his infidelity, part of Tiger's charm offensive was to be more open with the fans, give them more of his time, sign a few more autographs.

It worked, for a while.

Tiger Woods signed glove
Tiger Woods and former caddy Steve Williams have signed this glove – yours today for �1,750 ($2,910)

But this week we've seen Woods ordered to pay $1.3m to a sports memorabilia company for not signing sufficient numbers of autographs.

Woods was meant to provide the firm with a number of signed photographs, but failed to come through on the deal, instead being found liable of "deceptive and unfair trade practices".


Which means that if you're lucky enough to own a Tiger Woods autograph, you remain in a very exclusive club.

And a club a lot of people want to join.

Make no mistake about how popular Woods is among golf fans. When Woods plays, television audiences soar: his presence at the 2012 Honda Classic increased viewing figures by 78% on the previous season when he was absent.

It all helps explain why Woods' autograph has risen in value by 6.7% per annum since 2000, from £750 ($1,250) to £1,750 ($2,910).

And if you fancy getting in on the action, you're in the right place. Because we've managed to source not one but three of these great sporting memorabilia rarities.

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Autograph exhibition

And while I'm talking autographs, let me point you in the direction of this wonderful-looking exhibition.

Making Their Mark: Stories Through Signatures opens at the National Archives in Washington, DC on Friday and runs until early next year.

There you can gaze at a real "John Hancock", Hitler's marriage certificate, and a 1989 greetings card from Saddam Hussein to George Bush, among others.

A stunning display, and one that reminds all of us involved in the world of autographs just what a remarkable, exciting arena it is.

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