George Washington's inaugural address to make $150,000?

A fragment from George Washington's original draft for his inaugural address is offered at Lionheart Autographs.

The lot will be auctioned with an estimate of $130,000-150,000 in an October 26 autograph sale that will include a wealth of presidential artefacts.

Washington address draft
This is one of a very few surviving fragments from the draft of Washington's inaugural address  

The lot will be offered with an estimate of $130,000-150,000 in an October 26 autograph sale that will include a wealth of presidential artefacts.

Historian Jared Sparks discovered the original manuscript while moving Washington's archive from Mount Vernon to Harvard in 1827.

Sparks, showing little foresight considering his role as a historian, decided the draft was of no historical interest and had it cut into pieces - which he then gave out to autograph hunters.

Very few of these fragments remain in private hands.

It reads in part: "While others in their political conduct shall demean themselves as (or) may seem to them, let us be honest.

"Let us be firm. Let us advance directly forward in the path of our duty. Should the path at first prove intricate and thorny, it will grow plain and smooth as we go."

We have our own incredible piece of George Washington memorabilia for sale.

Other presidential pieces include a copy of the New York Times from September 12, 2001 signed by five living presidents (Ford, Carter, Clinton, Bush junior and Bush senior).

The former presidents signed it at a memorial ceremony at Washington's National Cathedral on September 14, while then president George W Bush signed his name in 2004.

It's expected to make $6,000-8,000.

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