George Washington letter could sell for $30,000 in Potomack

George Washington, the first US President of the United States of America, is unsurprisingly one of the most sought-after signatures in the world.

On April 24, a valuable and historic Washington autograph will be sold by auction house the Potomack Company, near Washington's former home in Virginia, US.

A George Washington Handwritten And Signed Document is the estimated top lot in Potomack's sale, requiring a minimum bid of $10,000 and expected to sell between $20,000-$30,000.

Signed while he was Commander in Chief of the American Army and written entirely in George Washington's own hand, the manuscript is dated June 18, 1785.

The letter is a certificate of service for a soldier, Major Winthrop Sergeant, who served in the American Revolution.

The sale is likely to attract the interest of collectors and investors of high-level autographs from all over the world.

Written by George Washington and dated 1785: click here to read
the letter


Naturally, Washington signatures regularly attract high values at auction.

Earlier this year, Paul Fraser Collectibles had the pleasure of selling the earliest known Washington signature in private hands.

Dated between 1750-51, a handwritten land survey bore the autograph of the future President, incredibly signed when he was just 18 years old.

Elsewhere, a Washington signature pertaining to another Potomack Company is on the market and available to collectors.

George Washington formed the Potomack Company in 1785 to improve commerce through trade and transportation with a series of canals around the Potomack River.

The document in question is an invoice for the work, listing the names of the unskilled labourers and slaves rented for the task alongside the signature of Washington himself.

It is currently for sale priced $49,420, or can be purchased in a portfolio alongside an exceptionally rare and historic Abraham Lincoln autograph.


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