Franz Liszt score auctions with whopping 4,678% increase on estimate

A number of items authored by Hungarian composer Franz Liszt (1811-1886), including 14 letters, a musical score dedicated to Chopin and an eight page pamphlet containing several piano exercises, auctioned for record prices in Geneva on March 13.

Franz Liszt letters auction
A lot comprising 14 signed letters as well as a rare photograph of the composer achieved $10,065

The Liszt score brought $45,526 alone. The sale price represents an enormous 4677.7% increase on the item's $953 top estimate.

Also for sale was an eight page, hand written booklet of piano exercises composed by Liszt for his pupil Valerie Boissier in 1832. The booklet, estimated to be worth a mere $5,250, sold for $16,944 at the Geneva auction house Hotel des Ventes.

A lot comprising 14 signed letters as well as a rare photograph of the composer achieved $10,065.

Hand written and autographed items relating to the lives and careers of eminent and interesting people have always been popular among collectors. As Liszt is no longer with us, there are, of course, a finite number of items available. Couple limited supply with increased demand and prices are destined to soar, as is evidenced by the sale.

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