Einstein's Corliss Lamont letters bring $11,500 to PFC Auctions

A series of correspondence between Albert Einstein and the socialist philosopher Corliss Lamont has sold for a combined £7,686 ($11,661) in PFC Auctions' latest sale, which closed yesterday (February 28).

Albert Einstein letters auction
In the era of McCarthyism, the FBI held a file on Einstein that grew to 1,427 pages

Each of the four letters made a significant increase on their individual �800 high estimate, with the largest gain seen by the first in the series, which sold for �2,109 ($3,199) - a 163.6% increase.

The letters were initiated by Corliss Lamont as president of the National Council of American-Soviet Friendship. Coming at the height of McCarthyism, they reveal how Einstein was placed at the forefront of the intellectual debate and subsequently feared by his own adopted government.

Paul Fraser Collectibles has a fantastic selection of signed letters available, including a superb example of inventor Thomas Edison's autograph, which is written on a copy of the Edison Spanish Colonial Light Company's annual report.

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