Cheque signed by the Father of America to auction

Freeman's Auctioneers are holding their Books, Manuscript, Maps, Prints & Posters Auction today, January 14, in Philadelphia. One of the most interesting lots is a cheque signed by George Washington to the Bank of America.

As every American knows, George Washington was the commander of the Continental Army in the fight against the British and succeeded in breaking their rule over America, and then became President - though in between his two spells as a leader he humbly returned to his farm and got back to work.

George Washington signed cheque autograph
Cheque signed by George Washington

Washington's Presidency lasted until March 1797, and ended with a famous address offering his views of American values. The cheque on offer dates from that same year, in the twilight of Washington's life - he died in 1799.

Cheques signed by celebrities can be worth far more than the figure written on them. The cheque signed by Neil Armstrong before he set off for the moon sold in September for $27,000. Armstrong's signatures are extremely rare, but one is currently on the market.

Those interested in autographs and/or Americana will be excited to know that Washington's second earliest known signature (the earliest in private hands) is currently available for sale.


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