Bonnie and Clyde letter hints at eventual fate

A letter notorious outlaws Bonnie and Clyde sent to a former accomplice shortly before their capture in April 1934 could make in excess of $40,000 at RR Auction.

It's written in Bonnie Parker's hand, apparently dictated by Clyde Barrow, and is addressed to Richard Hamilton - who had left the Barrow Gang a couple of weeks before.

Bonnie Clyde letter
"The most I can do is hope you miss the 'chair'"

He was swiftly picked up by the law.

The letter reads: "I'm very sorry to hear of your getting captured, but due to the fact that you offered no resistance sympathy is lacking.

"The most I can do is hope you miss the 'chair.' The purpose of this letter is to remind you of all the 'dirty deals' you have pulled…"

They then go on to list as many of Hamilton's failings as character flaws as they can remember.

Hamilton did not escape the chair. He was executed in May of 1935.

Perhaps the most remarkable line in the letter reads: "I know that some day they will get me but it won't be without resistance".

Barrow's words proved prescient.

Just a month later, the gang would be cut down in a hail of bullets following an ambush by law enforcement. Ironically enough, they never had time to raise their weapons.

The guns the couple had on them at the time sold for a total of $504,000 in 2014, indicating the fascination they still inspire.

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