Autograph of the Week... Frank Sinatra's signed Israeli program

The program for the Adventures of Nasr Ed-Din program from June 26, 1965, bears a very bold signature - that of Ol' Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra himself.

According to the seller, the Adventures of Nasr Ed-Din was a play done in Israel In Honour Of Frank Sinatra Home Dedication".

The program lists the play's cast members, along with a synopsis of the story.

According to a book later written by Sinatra's former valet, George Jacobs, Frank was very interested and involved in the Jewish cause, apparently donating a lot of money to its people.

The signed program has a very high-quality rough finish, measures 5x9" and is in flawless condition. Sinatra's blue ballpoint signature has been graded a solid 9.5/10 and matches exemplars of that time period.

Sinatra's signature on the program for an Israeli play staged in his honour

Apparently, the autograph has been verified to ensure that it wasn't signed by one of Sinatra's secretaries, as is often the case. Forgeries make up 90% of all Sinatra autograph sales. 

This genuine example is priced $950.

At Paul Fraser Collectibles, we always advise that you consult an expert before believing the authenticity of an autograph.

To give you more of a clue of what's involved in making sure that a signature is real, Paul has written 33 handy tips for authenticating autographs.

Meanwhile, if you are a collector with a passion for singers' autographs then check out this signed copy of Otis Redding's legendary 1964 Pain In My Heart LP - a memorabilia investment whose value is sure to appreciate in future years.



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