Autograph investment opportunities can offset falling house prices

The concept of the British housing market as a safe investment is no more, according to new figures.

House prices in England and Wales for October were down 3.2% on a year earlier, states the Land Registry.

Furthermore, the number of sales of properties over £1m ($1.56m) dropped by 7% in August, compared with 12 months previously.

Increasing numbers of investors who have traditionally viewed property as a "save haven" are now seeking alternative investment opportunities in an effort to diversify.

Rare autographs, in particular, are attracting those looking to hedge their investments.

Sir Paul McCartney's autograph, for example, has risen in value by 16.67% in the past year, according to the PFC40 Autograph Index.

It is now worth an average £1,750 ($2,740).

A promotional photograph of the Beatles' Abbey Road cover, signed by McCartney, sold for £1,600 ($2,500) at a Guernsey's auction back in 2007.

It could be expected to achieve significantly more at auction now, considering the average 21.57% pa value rises the PFC 40 Autograph Index has witnessed for McCartney autographs since 2000.

A superb investment opportunity is available to you today.

We have a black-and-white photograph of McCartney in the recording studio, signed by the artist.

Taken by his first wife, Linda, it can be yours for £1,000 (approx. $1,560).

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McCartney's signature is just one of several investment opportunities in the rare autographs sector that can help you fight back against falling house prices.

Take a look at the figures for rare autographs yourself.

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