Auction features Dali, Wittgenstein and JFK

Tomorrow will see signatures from a host of famous names come up for auction in the UK.

The 750 pieces come from a range of entertainers, scientists, artists and politicians. Some of the more interesting pieces include:

A three page letter from Marie Curie in which she expresses satisfaction that the recipient can teach her daughter, Eve, shows an interesting insight into the personal life of the first double Nobel Prize winner.

The letter, mildly stained, but with signature in good condition is estimated at £4,000-6,000.

A two page letter from Sigmund Freud to Dr Federn in which Freud tells him that he can be too vigorous in his attempts to rescue students from their problems.

Federn was one of Freud's early enthusiasts and became his representative in 1924 in the year the letter was written.

Federn was also elected Vice President of the Vienna Society in 1924 which is referred to in the letter. It is expected to be taken home for £6,000-8,000.

Another interesting piece is a polite note, valued at £2,000-3,000 from Ludwig Wittgenstein to Dorothy Moore (wife of philosopher G E Moore) thanking her for the gift of a scarf.

Wittgenstein had a reputation for being fiery and difficult, and eventually fell out with Dorothy when she prevented him from seeing the aging Moore as Wittgenstein's sharp and intense debates were too exhausting.

The letter reminds us of another side to him.

Although brief, a postcard sent to Magritte by Salvador Dali exclaiming surrealism's success in America seems something of a bargain at £1,000-1,500 estimate.

Another interesting items is a signed note from John F Kennedy wishing the recipient a happy birthday.

The IAA auction will take place at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel at Heathrow.


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