Apollo assets: leave your inflation worries behind with space autographs
Britain's wealthiest are facing an uphill battling against inflation, according to recently released figures.

Numbers from Defaqto, using the Consumer Prices Index (CPI), suggest that those leading earners paying 50% tax require gross equivalent annual rates of 9% to counter-balance the impact of inflation, which according to the CPI currently stands at 4.5%

And there's worse news when using the Retail Prices Index's (RPI) 5.2% inflation figure, which indicates that high worth individuals must make 10.4% on their savings each year to break even.

A lithograph signed by all three Apollo 11 crew members made $5,875 at Goldberg in 2010

There are not many investment funds around that can offer you such returns without a significant amount of risk, which is why so many leading earners are turning to alternative investments, such as space memorabilia, and space autographs in particular.

The PFC40 autograph index, which recorded the 2000-2010 price performance of 40 of the most desirable celebrity autographs, revealed an inflation-busting average compound increase of 15.86% a year, with Neil Armstrong leading the way with a 900% rise during the decade.

The Apollo 11 mission is hugely popular with investors. A photograph signed by all three crew members increased in value by 347.5% between 2000 and 2010.


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