Anne Frank's Grimms' Fairy Tales book to sell at Swann

A copy of Grimms' Fairy Tales belonging to and signed by Anne Frank will sell at Swann Auction Galleries.

It's valued at $20,000-30,000 ahead of the May 5 auction in New York.

Anne Frank statue
Anne Frank's story offers a window into the holocaust

The book is printed in German and bears the name of Anne Frank and her sister Margot to the top right of the title page. The handwriting has been matched to other writing by Anne.

It belonged to the sisters before they were forced into hiding by the Nazis.

The lot is accompanied by a letter from the girls' father, Otto Frank - the only member of the family to survive the concentration camps.

He wrote in reply to the owners of the book, who discovered it in the 1970s. They wrote to Otto offering to return it, but he urged them to keep hold of it.

The Anne Frank story offers a window into understanding the horrors of the holocaust.

Her diary has been published in hundreds of different languages and has sold millions of copies around the world.

There is a strong market for material associated with her, with a set of letters and postcards sent to pen-pals in the US selling for $165,000 at Swann in 1988.

The limited availability of such items could push the value of the book well past its $30,000 high estimate.

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