Albert Einstein signed letters more than double estimate

A collection of five typed, signed letters by Albert Einstein have sold for $60,000 at PBA Galleries, more than double the $25,000 estimate.

The lot crossed the block at PBA Galleries in Oakland, California on February 12.

Einstein letter Fishler

Letters relating to Einstein's most famous theories are in high demand

All the letters are addressed to Max Fishler, author of What the Great Philosophers thought about God (1958).

Fishler got in touch with Einstein while researching his book.

He asked Einstein's opinion on what Immanuel Kant would have thought of his theory of relativity.

Kant believed that reality, which he referred to as the thing in itself, is distinct from the human experience of it – as everything we know about the world is filtered through our senses.

Einstein writes: “The question regarding Time and Space in connection with Kant’s philosophy is not an easy one to answer insofar as Kant’s view regarding Time and Space is interpreted differently by different people…

“The general theory of relativity has in my opinion convincingly shown that the spatial character belongs to the objects of the physical world.”

That the lot so dramatically increased its estimate shows the demand for quality correspondence from Einstein, particularly letters that mention his most famous theories.

Have you seen the Einstein signed letter you can buy today at Paul Fraser Collectibles?

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