Albert Einstein’s God letter

A letter from Albert Einstein referencing his lack of faith in God will auction at Profiles in History with an estimate of $150,000-200,000.

The letter dates to 1954 and is addressed to a Joseph Levine in Israel.

Albert Einstein’s God letter

Einstein explains that he doesn't believe in a personal God 

It reads in full: “Any physical theory and consequently also the theory of relativity is concerned with the structure of the physical world and therefore neutral to religious beliefs.

“I personally am unable to believe in a personal God, believing that such anthropomorphical concepts should not be used in the non-human sphere.”

Einstein was famously generous with his time and made efforts to reply to everyone who wrote to him.

As a result, there is a significant body of correspondence on the market. Those letters referencing relativity and God (preferably both) are particularly prized.

This letter last sold for $37,059 at RR Auction in 2016 and it remains to be seen whether the new estimate is justified.

The demand for Einstein memorabilia has grown, with a collection of typed letters more than doubling its estimate earlier this year, but a five-fold increase in value in just over 12 months seems unlikely.  

Other highlights of the June 8 sale include the original draft of Alcoholics Anonymous’ Big Book, which is valued at up to $3m, and a collection of materials from the first Air Force One.

We have a genuine signed letter from Albert Einstein for sale.

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