Albert Einstein handwritten letter sells for $75,000

A handwritten letter in Italian by Albert Einstein was the lead lot at RR Auction on February 19 with a final bid of $75,000.

It dates to 1925 and is addressed to engineer Giovanni Giorgi. Einstein expounds on his theory of relativity and his thoughts on God.

Einstein autograph letter
Einstein wrote the letter to Italian engineer Giovanni Giorgi in 1925

He writes: "I agree with your opinion on the fact that the movement of an ether with a [mathematical expression] so high is particularly impossible. God created the world with more intelligence and elegance. You right to compare with Miller's works, the laws of aberration.

"The theory of Stokes-Planck is very artificial and can not—in my opinion—explain this law of aberration. I would be very curious to know the real cause of the Miller's phenomenon. I do not doubt the validity of the theory of relativity."

The auction house comments: "Each and every sentence contains a revelatory turn and could be expounded upon at length within the context of Einstein's life and work.

"Although he did not believe in a personal deity, Einstein was not averse to speaking of God in a scientific context when discussing differing interpretations of quantum physics."

Another letter, in which Einstein refers to religious faith as "childish" sold for $404,000 in a 2008 auction.

The present sale included a wealth of memorabilia from across history. It included a set of unseen photographs showing the Kennedys on holiday at Cape Cod in August 1961 that sold for $32,500. 

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