4 investment secrets for 2015

Is your head spinning?

"The stock market is full of bargains right now."

"Diversify with gold."

"Property prices will soar over the next five years."

Is deciding where to invest your money next year giving you a headache?

I sympathise.

The FTSE100 and the price of gold are down on the start of the year.

Property has had a great 12 months. But experts are predicting no growth next year.

Investing your money in the bank is financial suicide with these low interest rates.

It's enough to drive you mad, isn't it?

Especially when you see other people having success seemingly with ease.

So what can you do about it?

Fight back.

I have four secrets to share with you.

These secrets are investment ideas for next year. You may not have thought of them before.

Yet they have real money-making potential.

They're all investments with a record of strong gains. Yet ones that most investors aren't aware of.

Of course, they will not solve all your financial headaches.

Yet they could pay for your children's university fees. A family holiday. A new car.

And they will bring you a lot more enjoyment than that share certificate in your desk drawer.

Does owning rare memorabilia that pays for your next designer suit sound good to you?

And here's the best part.

No one else knows about these - yet.

Every year, I provide investment tips for several publications.

But I'm giving you the "heads up" on these early. You won't find this info anywhere else.

So keep these secrets to yourself. Act on them quickly.


The Battle of Waterloo.

June 2015 will mark 200 years.

Napoleon's most famous hour. Though not his finest.

The media coverage will be vast.


Napoleon memorabilia could soar in value with the anniversary of Waterloo in June

Anniversaries make prices rise. We've seen it before. Titanic in 2012. JFK last year. WWI this year.

Napoleon items are already big news. Last month his bicorn hat made $2.2m.

Prices will soar come June.

I don't tend to promote short-term ventures. I normally urge a hold of five years. Minimum.

Yet I'm making an exception.

Buy now and sell in June. You could net yourself a nice profit.

Sound of interest? Email info@paulfrasercollectibles.com or call +44 (0)117 974 5423.

Winston Churchill  

January 30, 1965. Winston Churchill's funeral.

50 years ago next month.

Yes, many of our thoughts will turn to Britain's wartime prime minster come late January.

A recent BBC poll named Churchill the "Best Briton".

His artefacts are hugely popular. In the UK and US.

January's events will boost prices.

So buy Churchill items now if you can, before prices reach a new level.

His signed photos are up 7.3% a year in value since 2000.

There's a huge market for the man. Which means you're in a great position when you sell in years to come.

Here's a great Churchill-signed letter from 1919 for sale. It's typical of him. In it he sticks up for troops returning from war.

Winston Churchill letter
Winston Churchill autographs are rising year on year - this signed letter is available for �3,750

His signature is striking too. That makes for a great display piece. Its price is �3,750 ($5,880).

Keen on Churchill? You should also look at this piece. Original documents from his funeral. A moving item.

For sale at �550 ($860).

Call: +44 (0)117 974 5423.

Email: info@paulfrasercollectibles.com.

Apollo 11

A five-year investment for you.

2019 will mark 50 years since Neil Armstrong became the first man on the Moon. In five years' the world will focus again on that mission. Just as it did in 1969.

It will rekindle the passion of those who watched first time around. It will also create a new generation of space fans.

Demand for Armstrong and Apollo 11 memorabilia is going to rocket. Which means prices will go sky-high. 

That's why you should be investing in this market now.

Neil Armstrong autograph
Armstrong and Apollo 11 autographs have historically performed well - yet 2019 could be off the scale. You can buy this autograph today.

Neil Armstrong signed photos have always performed well. Up 21.6% in value a year on average since 2000.

Just think what this important anniversary will do to them.

View this Neil Armstrong autograph. It has great provenance. Price: �8,950 ($14,000).

That value could appear tiny come 2019.

Click here to see more Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11 autographs for sale.

The Beatles

I've been talking a lot about key dates.

And yes, Beatles 50 year anniversaries are all around us.

Yet the Fab Four need no such helping hand.

They are an evergreen investment

Beatles autographs
Every new generation falls in love with the Beatles - it's why prices keep rising. This autograph page is available for �7,950.

Beatles signed photos? They're up 12.2% a year since 2000.

But let's forget the finances a moment.

How does it feel?

To own a signed photo from history's most famous band? A band who will become folklore in the centuries to come?

I know how it feels. I would love you to find out.

Click here to see our Beatles autographs for sale.

Start the fight back today

It's so painful.

Seeing your hard earned money lose value by bad investing.

Start 2015 off right by making a good one.

Invest in any of these four today and you are ahead of the pack.

But you need to act now. Don't "leave it til the new year". The market for these four is growing fast. Delay and you'll find prices rise.

Call or email me today.

+44 (0)117 974 5423 or info@paulfrasercollectibles.com.

Thanks for reading,


PS. Got a question? Call or email me for friendly, straightforward answers. +44 (0)117 974 5423 / info@paulfrasercollectibles.com.

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