4 bargains you won't read about in the papers

The royal wedding cake and Lady Diana's record collection have been getting the global headlines for our sister company PFC Auctions in the past few days.

Slice of Kate Middleton and Prince William's Wedding Cake Up for Auction - ABC News

Princess of Wales' record collection reveals fondness for Bob Dylan and John Denver  - The Telegraph

These pieces of royal memorabilia have captured the world's attention, and rightly so - they're superb items.

Yet, as dedicated readers of our newsletter, I wanted to give you the inside scoop on a number of other amazing items also featuring in the auction that have so far gone under the radar.

Their relative lack of publicity could enable you to grab yourself a superb bargain before bidding closes on May 24.

V-2 prototype missile

V-2 missile

The V-2 rocket struck fear into the homes of Britain, Belgium and France during the second world war. It is estimated that 2,754 people died in London at the hands of the rockets.

Taking its cue from the German missiles, this 1/3 scale rocket was produced by the US in 1954, as part of the country's anti-ballistic missiles programme. Bids currently stand at just £536 (approx. $860).

Bob Dylan basement tapes jacket

Dylan jacket

The jacket Dylan was wearing on the famed cover of the historic 1975 The Basement Tapes album is up for grabs with a minimum bid of £2,000 (approx. $3,215).

The hugely influential nature of the album, the enduring appeal of Dylan, and the fascinating story behind the jacket make this a must for the music memorabilia lover.

Made from a Cheumash Indian blanket, Dylan borrowed the jacket from a female friend for the shoot in the basement of the Los Angeles YMCA.

It proved too small for him, leading to rips to the sleeves and back - damage that was later repaired.

A leading expert has estimated the jacket to reach $15,000-25,000.

Enigma machine rotor


A circa 1939 Enigma cypher machine achieved a world record price of £133,250 ($208,137) in October 2011.

The code-breaking machines are said to have helped shorten the war by two years.

We have a rotor from one of these historic wartime artefacts - the current winning bid is just £300 (approx. $480).

Rolling Stones autographs

Rolling Stones

The PFC40 Autograph Index reveals that signed photographs of the Rolling Stones rose by 8.18% between 2010 and 2011 and are currently valued at £5,950 ($9,565).

We have a complete set of original line-up Rolling Stones autographs available, with bids for the lot starting at just £500 (approx. $800).

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