Which items are most popular among collectors? Kovels' chart reveals all

Internet collectibles price guide Kovels' has released its latest Top 10 list of the 'most popular' collectibles according to searches on its website.

The results are based on hundreds of thousands of searches that took place on Kovels' website during August, 2011 - and tells which items are most popular among collectors.

The Top 10 for August 2011:
1. Occupied Japan
2. Coca-Cola
3. Doll
4. Clock
5. Bottle
6. Amber Glass
7. Milk Glass
8. Red Wing
9. Lamp
10. Royal Copley

Occupied Japan is again the top search item.

Perhaps it's because a 10,000-piece collection of Occupied Japan is going on sale October 8 in the Occupied Japan Collector Club newsletter, "The Upside Down World of an O.J. Collector."

The collection includes bird cages, chairs, clocks, lacquer ware, lamps, lobster baskets, sewing baskets, tables, wall plaques and of course, many types of pottery and porcelain.

The newsletter also shows other purchases by club members that include a wooden crate, a box of tea, a coin changer, a leather briefcase, a syringe and most unusual, a chiropractic massager in a box.
And it's not just ceramics and toys that had to be marked Occupied Japan.


This ceramic doggie will have no problems finding a home, if
Kovels' latest internet searches chart is anything to go by...

Between 1945 and 1952, factories had to mark "Occupied Japan" or "Made in Occupied Japan" on all products meant for export.

The Scottie dog pin pictured above is made of celluloid and is marked "Occupied Japan" on the back. It sells for $45 in an online shop.

For now, it looks like the markets for Occupied Japan pieces are going strong.

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