'Wake up, collectors!' - It's your chance to join the booming poster markets

"Movie poster collecting... should be a far larger hobby... As who isn't affected by the culture of the cinema?" - Grey Smith, Director of Vintage Movie Poster Auctions at Heritage


So said Grey Smith in his recent exclusive interview with Paul Fraser Collectibles. In other words, if you haven't considered getting involved in the rare poster markets, then you're missing out.

Put simply: the markets are booming as more and more collectors seek to have classic movie, music or other cultural artworks on their walls.

Even better, you'll have a chance to get involved at Swann's upcoming Vintage Posters auction. The sale will be held in New York on August 3 - but you can also bid online.

Big highlights in the sale include "Ramsgate," circa 1955, by the artist Alan Durman.

 "Ramsgate," circa 1955, by the artist Alan Durman

Measuring 39 ¾ x25 inches, the pieces quality has been graded B+ by Swann's experts thanks to some minor restoration work.

The attention-grabbing piece will auction with an estimate of $700-1,000 - perfect for entry-level investors.

And at the sale's high-end? Well, it really is a case of the more historic and iconic the better...

Take for instance "Wake up, America", a 1917 poster by Ames Montgomery, also in condition B+ and measuring 39 1/2 x 27 1/2 inches within a frame.

While America remained psychologically and physically removed from the horrors of the Great War through 1917, it didn't escape all Americans.

"Wake up, America", a 1917 poster by Ames Montgomery

Before the United States officially entered the war, the Mayor's Committee on National Defense was set up in New York with the foresight of preparing the nation - and re-tooling American industry - for potential war.

Aimed to appeal to concerned citizens, and business and lay-people, this post was part of the Committee's campaign.

Today, it represents a fascinating pocket of America's history and is estimated to sell for $6,000-9,000.


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