Video of the Week... The 'lost Michelangelo painting' hung on a family's wall

Well, they say a picture paints a thousand words. But in the case of one of the most-read stories on Paul Fraser Collectibles this week, it can also be worth millions of dollars...

The story concerns the bizarre revelation that a 'lost' Michelangelo painting may have been discovered in Western New York... Hung behind a suburban family's sofa.

For years, the Kober family had always regarded the painting in their living room as a Michelangelo. They even nicknamed their family heirloom "the Mike".

Eventually, the head of the family, retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Martin Kober, decided that the painting warranted further research...

He then enlisted the help of Italian art historian Antonio Forcellino. According to reports, Forcellino has since untaken years of research on the subject.

And, after viewing the work himself, Forcellino - whose book, The Lost Michelangelos, is due for release next year - has concluded that the work is definitely a Michelangelo.

As he told UK newspaper The Sunday Times: "Only a genius could have painted this — the darkness which underscores the suffering, the Virgin who looks as if she's screaming and the figure of Christ after he has been deposed from the cross...

It's definitely by Michelangelo, and I was lucky to find documents that prove it... The X-rays that have been done are the key."

Through his research, Forcellino believes that the painting once belonged to a German baroness who left it to Gertrude Young, her lady-in-waiting.

Young then had the painting sent it to the US for her brother-in-law who, it transpires, was Martin Kober's great grandfather.

Following the staggering revelation, the Kober family are said to be encouraging the rest of the art world to take a closer look at the 'Michelangelo' with the hope that it will eventually be restored and displayed.

They will perhaps also be hoping that a rumoured incident involving the painting and a light impact from a tennis ball hasn't affected its value...

For now, the 19 x 25 inch work has reportedly been moved from the Kober's residence to a secure bank vault, while the family is refusing to grant interviews, as evidenced in our Video of the Week.


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