Video of the Week... Collectors can get 'Lost' in the show's memorabilia

It's six years since that US sci-fi television show Lost exploded (quite literally) onto our television screens, with a plane filled with incredibly good-looking passengers crashing on a desert island.

During that time, the show's myriad puzzles and mysterious turned it into one of the most talked-about show's on the box, spawning numerous websites and even its own dedicated Wikipedia site.

Actress Evangeline Lilly played Kate,
an FBI fugitive

Throughout the programmes six seasons, fans were left perplexed by questions like "What is the island?" and "Who are the Dharma Initiative?" - and only slightly less confused than people who had never watched the show at all.

This all came to a head two weeks ago, when Lost's armies of devoted followers were finally promised their conclusion with the simultaneous US and UK broadcast of the last-ever episode.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, reactions to the show's finale were resoundingly mixed. Some viewers heralded it as landmark television; while others were vexed that so many of their questions were left unanswered...

If one thing's for sure, Lost was a clever and innovative show. But its creators adhered to one of the oldest adages in showbiz: 'Always leave your audience wanting more.'

And now, while fans still debate the mysteries and ambiguities of the programme on internet forums, collectors have an opportunity to literally get even 'more' out of Lost.

Leading US auction house Profiles in History is auctioning all the props, costumes and set pieces from the programme's Hawaii film set, used onscreen by Sawyer, Jack, Locke and other characters.

According to Joseph Maddelena, President at Profiles in History, nearly everything left over from Lost's six series will being going under the hammer, later this summer.

They still don't know the answers either... Josh Holloway as Sawyer (left)
and Jorge Garcia as Hurley

In our Video of the Week, Maddelena takes us through the various iconic treasures on offer. These include Dharma Initiative vehicles, letters, costumes and props used by the characters... and even a 20ft submarine.

Eager fans around the world will be able to bid online; either at Profiles in History and the ABC TV network's respective websites or in the auction saleroom in Hawaii.

"This show is like Star Trek, it has such a loyal cult following," says Maddelena.

The likelihood that Lost's legacy will live on - in the same way that The Twilight Zone and vintage Doctor Who episodes are remembered today - will make this auction a must-see for collectors, investors and fans.


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