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As the comic collectors' market gears up for the potentially record-breaking sale of Detective Comics #27 - which, for the uninitiated, is the first-ever appearance of Batman - this week's Video of the Week looks at the most collectible comic out there: Action Comics #1.

In terms of collectability and value, Detective Comics #27 is second only to Action Comics #1. This is perhaps unsurprising as the latter features the very-first appearance of Superman.

In 1985, a comic book collector known only as "the Dentist" reportedly bought Action Comics #1 for a then certainly overpriced $25,000. Naturally, many questioned the Dentist's sanity at the time.

However, fortune and inflation favoured the brave, in this instance. Allegedly, the Dentist was happy enough with their investment to turn down a $2m offer for the comic, from coin dealer Jay Parrino, years later.

The above video takes a retrospective look at the anticipation surround Action Comics #1 in the run-up to its 2009 sale at auction, which ended on March 13 that year.

Experts discuss the importance of owning an unrestored example of the comic, of which only 10 are throught to exist in the world; how Superman introduced the idea of the costumed hero; and why a comic book is a better investment than the stock market.


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