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We've got a bit more news for you following the $43.8 million sale of the Andy Warhol masterpiece 200 One Dollar Bills, last week.

A Sotheby's representative confirms, "Auctioneer Tobias Meyer opened the bidding at $6 million and was immediately met with an almost unheard of response — a bid of $12 million, twice his opening bid.

"Five more bidders raised their paddles before the winning bid was cast by an anonymous purchaser bidding on the telephone."

Alex Rotter, Sotheby's head of contemporary art in New York, described the painting as a "hugely important work for American art history" and one of the starting points of pop art.

As the world's leading collectibles news service we have done our research and can tell you 200 One Dollar Bills last sold in 1986 - for just $385,000.

So why all the interest in Andy Warhol?

The following video includes comment from Artist Jeff Koons, photographer Billy Name, and writer George Plimpton, explaining why Warhol is important to them.


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