Top five Peanuts memorabilia

5. Peanuts on Parade statues

Peanuts on Parade Charles Schulz statues Snoopy
The auction raised $240,350 for the Charles M Schulz Fund

In 2000, the year of Charles Schulz's death, his hometown of Saint Paul's, Minnesota held an exhibition of 21 Peanuts sculptures at the Mall of America.

The exhibition culminated with the huge statues being auctioned off through Sotheby's in order to raise money for the Charles M Schulz Fund, which supports emerging illustrators and artists. The 21 statues totalled $240,350, with "Snooper Jock" - a sculpture showing Snoopy in various sports gear - selling as the top lot at $24,200, making a 101% increase on its high estimate of $12,000.

4. Apollo 10 Charlie Brown drawing

NASA Apollo 10 snoopy
The annual meeting of NASA's Peanuts fan club discuss their favourite strip

It appears that even NASA's astronauts are big fans of Peanuts. The Apollo 10 lunar module was lovingly nicknamed Snoopy by those involved in the mission, while the command module was nicknamed Charlie Brown.

Charles Schulz drew a special picture of Charlie Brown in a spacesuit for the mission, which was then hidden on board for the astronauts to find. Sadly for collectors, this picture is now housed in the Kennedy Space Center and is not likely to appear at auction any time soon.

Snoopy has since become something of a safety mascot at NASA, with the organisation issuing a Silver Snoopy Award to any employees that promote flight safety. According to his son, Charles Schulz considered his association with NASA as one of the two most important aspects of his life, the second being his service in the second world war.

3. Dr J signed basketball strip

Dr J Charles Schulz basketball strip
Sparky's famous fans can be even be found in the NBA

Dr J and his family are also among Charles Schulz' famous fans. In June 2012, a basketball themed Snoopy strip that was made out to the legendary Dr J sold in an online auction.

The four-panel strip showed Snoopy playing a game of basketball with Woodstock and was signed: "For Dr. J with friendship & admiration—Charles M. Schulz (Sparky)". It sold for $20,123, boosted by its celebrity connection.

2. Snoopy vs. The Red Baron

Snoopy vs The Red Baron
Contrary to popular belief, it was actually Snoopy who took down the Red Baron

While Peanuts' celebrity fan-base makes for some excellent collectibles, nothing can compare to a classic original strip in good condition. Collectors are willing to pay top prices for the most iconic of Schulz's charming drawings.

In February 2010, a 1966 original strip of Snoopy vs. the Red Baron sold for $101,575 at Heritage Auctions.

1. Charlie Brown's rainy baseball game

Charlie Brown rainy baseball game strip
Charlie is obviously made of sterner stuff than the rest of the Peanuts gang

Another one of Charlie Brown's ill-fated baseball games, this original strip shows the match being rained off and Charlie getting more than a little frustrated. The strip is one of the most valuable ever to appear at auction, selling for $113,525 at a Heritage Auctions sale in November 2007.

Paul Fraser Collectibles has a brilliant selection of Peanuts memorabilia on offer, all of which have been signed by Charles Schulz. The highlight of our collection is a large original drawing of Snoopy in his favourite position - lying on the roof of his kennel.

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