Top Five: Lady Gaga collectibles from naked charcoal sketches to angular dresses

Back in 2008, a singer named Stefani Germanotta released her debut album. It's hard to believe now that such a relatively short time ago no one had heard of the star. Admittedly many still wouldn't know her by her birth name - but who hasn't heard of Lady Gaga?

Typically it takes a while for new popstars to establish significant value for themselves on the memorabilia markets, in part because it's usually unclear who will be a lasting, memorable figure in the music scene for years to come.

But it seems there are some exceptions. The meat-wearing mentalist Lady Gaga has already acquired value for effects such as her autograph which can be seen trading for as much as £375 - particularly impressive as the Poker Face singer typically goes the extra mile for her fans and is a frequent signer.

Here are our five other examples of her impact on the memorabilia markets:

5. Unusual snaps

In 2010, four colour polaroids photographs of the Lady herself, taken by Nobuyoshi Araki, were sold byPhillips de Pury for £4,750 - nearly double that which was expected.

Some of Nobuyoshi Araki's pictures of Lady Gaga (caution: nudity)

The images showed her tied up in various positions and were signed by the photographer. With fashion direction by Nicola Formichetti and styling by Shun Watanabe, they were originally used in Japanese magazine Vogue Hommes Japan. The imagery was compared to that of popstar Madonna's book SEX.

4. Bang for your buck

Rarely one to shy away from controversy, it should be no surprise that prop guns have been used in one of Gaga's videos. One used for her hit single Born This Way sold for $7,680 from a Beverly Hill's auction in December 2011.

Clearly collectors weren't too distracted by the presence of memorabilia from the likes of Marilyn Monroe to spot a fine piece from a more recent star.

3. Nude for a crooner

The same month as the Julien's auction saw a surprising piece of memorabilia sold as part of a charity eBay auction.

Nude sketch of Lady Gaga by Tony Bennett
Nude sketch of Lady Gaga by Tony Bennett

This was a sketch of Lady Gaga naked done by none other than legendary singer Tony Bennett. Created as part of a photo shoot with photographer Annie Leibovitz, the charcoal drawing of the posed Lady brought an impressive $30,000.

2. Sharp dressing

Impressive though the prop gun sale was, it wasn't the top Gaga lot at the Beverly Hills auction. That honour fell to a unique, startlingly angular dress.

Lady Gaga's photoshoot-worn outfit
Lady Gaga's photoshoot-worn outfit

As difficult to confuse with another as her meat dress and probably rather more durable, the party piece which had been worn for a photo-shoot, sold for $31,250.

1. Lady Grand Piano

Despite a hypermodern image, Lady Gaga isn't averse to using that most traditional of instruments, the pianoforte.

She has offered pianos of hers twice at auction for charity in 2010 and 2011. Whilst the final prices are unknown, these were offered with listings of $60,000 and 75,000.

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