They are investing - why aren't you?

"Monet and Picasso are like Microsoft or Coca Cola".

That quote, which I saw in a recent BBC article on the investment potential of the art sector, comes from a member of the famed yet reclusive Nahmad family.

The Nahmads are one of the world's most successful art investment stories, having bought and sold artworks for more than 50 years. They're worth an estimated $3bn.

And when they say that buying pieces by the art world's biggest names has the same level of security and potential profits as offered by the globe's biggest companies, it should not be ignored.

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The Nahmads, along with many other investors, deposit their artworks in the Geneva free port, one of several such storage facilities scattered around the globe that offer a tax-free location to store prized art investments.

Investing in art "in action"

It is estimated that the Geneva free port alone has around 300 Picassos.

Some may cry that art should be on display where it can be enjoyed.

I wouldn't argue. Yet there is something wondrous about this huge storage facility with its mass of works, all sitting quietly, waiting until such a time as to be unleashed onto the market - hopefully for significant profits.

And with it nigh on impossible to beat inflation with the current low-interest environment, especially if you are a high tax payer, the diversification offered by the art sector looks more appealing than ever. You can read the facts and figures on art investment here.

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