The world's most undervalued art market?

The original cover artwork for Hergé's Tintin in America set a new $1.6m record for original comic book cover art on the weekend.

In doing so it provided a terrific reminder to investors that there are opportunities away from the high-art scene, where works by Munch, Cezanne and Rothko are the preserve of royal families and oil magnates.

Cartoon art is an under-appreciated sector, but there have been signs in recent years that this is set to change, with the original Tintin work the latest example.

Nostalgic collectors are behind the boom. Many are wealthy retirees who are now buying up memorabilia from the passions of their youth. In these days of technology and razzmatazz, there is something hugely comforting and appealing about these beautiful drawings.

Lisa Simpson
Matt Groening's original artwork is a boom sector waiting to happen

Aside from Tintin, works by EH Shepard, the illustrator of the Winnie-the-Pooh books, are on the up. The world record for the artist was smashed in June of last year, when Shepard's original work for the penultimate drawing from the first Pooh book made $194,000 at Bonhams.

Six original Peanuts panels by Charles Schulz achieved $193,230 at auction in 2007, while signatures of famous illustrators are also performing well. Walt Disney's autograph was valued at £4,250 ($6,610) in 2011, a rise of 7.6% in 12 months.

My tip for the entry level investor, however, are original works by The Simpsons' creator Matt Groening. Still being produced, but unlikely to be so for much longer, original Simpsons artwork by Groening will become major collector's items in years to come, as the true brilliance of the cartoon is realised.

How to get involved

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