The Top Five rare action movie collectibles by Paul Fraser Collectibles

Since the dawn of moviemaking, cinema audiences and movie memorabilia collectors have remained captivated by the sight of explosions, car chases and expertly-choreographed fight scenes.

Heritage Auctions' recent blockbuster sale of 'Big' John Wayne's personal and professional memorabilia further highlighted the ongoing appeal of 'action movie collectibles'.

In the wake of that success, here are some of our favourite pieces to have sold on the markets...


#5. Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible III motorcycle - $25,000

Tom Cruise has maintained his Hollywood A-list status by adeptly mixing strong character roles with popcorn-spilling action flicks. And he's had some serious hardware to help him along the way, including this Triumph Bonneville motorcycle.

This motorcycle is one of five built for the filming of the Paramount motion picture, Mission Impossible III, starring Cruise. It is one of two used in the actual production. The bike began as a stock Triumph Bonneville that was customised for the movie at Triumph's factory.

Triumph reintroduced the Bonneville in 2000 after a 10-year-wait by enthusiasts, with a view to capturing the classic style of its 1960s versions. This version, the "Bonneville 900 street scrambler," features custom paint, fenders and a seat unit, a hand-made exhaust system and knobbly tires all added for Mission Impossible 3.

The machine was offered with an authenticating signed letter from Todd K Andersen, Vice President of Marketing at Triumph Motorcycles. It was sold for $25,000 by Bonhams at LA's Petersen Automotive Museum in 2006.

indiana jones bull whip

#4. Harrison Ford's "Indiana Jones" Bullwhip - $57,500

1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark remains a perennially adored classic by young and old cinema goers alike.

Among its most iconic pieces was this bullwhip, used by Harrison Ford as Indy to whip the adventurer's adversaries into shape. This whip also appeared in sequels Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989).

Measuring 2.69m long, this hand-made sixteen-plait bull-whip of kangaroo hide was formerly sold at Christie's in September 1999 and later auctioned by Guernsey's in 2008. There, it brought $57,500.

While Harrison Ford's films have grossed over $6bn worldwide and his memorabilia sells for tens of thousands, you don't need to be mega-rich to buy his memorabilia. Examples that we've come across include this Indiana Jones photo signed by Ford. We have it for sale priced at £100.


#3. John Wayne's Green Beret - $119,500

According to a Harris Poll of America's favourite actors in January 2011, this man is the third most popular American actor, behind only Johnny Depp and Denzel Washington. Yet here's the thing: the actor hasn't made a movie since 1976 and he's been dead since 1979.

It can only be John Wayne, whose green beret - as worn in 1968 classic film Green Berets - brought a World Record $119,500 this month at Heritage Auctions. The price was a record for a costume hat, and a reminder that Wayne's career as an action movie star extended beyond Westerns.

That John Wayne is still bringing new World Record prices at auction so long after his death indicates the value of his collectibles will continue to grow. We've invested in his memorabilia ourselves at Paul Fraser Collectibles, including this iconic signed photo of the star in the film True Grit (pictured above).

Wearing the very same eye patch from True Grit which brought $47,800 at Heritage, our photo - humorously signed "Best Wishes, from both of us" in reference to his horse - is for sale priced at just £995.

Steve McQueen Porsche 911

#2. Steve McQueen's 1970 Porsche 911S - $1.38m

Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible 3 motorcycle actually sold at Bonhams' "The Steve McQueen Sale" - named after another legendary actor whose legacy is entwined with the world's most luxurious cars and motorbikes, earning him the nickname 'King of Cool'.

Today, McQueen remains one of the most noted drivers of the 1970 Porsche 911S. His love affair with the car began in 1970 when McQueen's Solar Productions travelled to Le Mans to begin work on the film classic, Le Mans.

The star bought a Porsche 911S that he would use both in the movie and as personal transport. McQueen was so happy his 911 that at the end of filming he decided to keep the car. But the Porsche went missing soon after when it left La Sarthe in 1970, after filming had wrapped up.

To the amazement of many, the iconic 1970 Porsche 911S then re-emerged on the markets when it appeared for sale at RM Auctions in Monterey, US, during August 2011. In the end, it sold for an incredible $1,375,000.

Action Comics issue 1 Nicholas Cage graded 9.0

#1. Nicolas Cage's Action Comics #1 - over $1.5m (estimate)

A pristine condition copy of Superman's first-ever comic book adventure was stolen from the Con Air and Ghost Rider star back in 2000. Cage was so devastated by the theft that he sold the rest of his comics in a huge sale at Heritage Auctions.

So began an intense police investigation, lasting over a decade and across multiple states. Action Comics #1 later emerged in an auction of contents found in a set of storage units. While it hasn't been confirmed officially, this could only really be Cage's comic.

It remains to be seen if this copy of Action Comics #1, now certified as the world's highest graded copy at GCC 9.0, will break the existing World Record of $1.5m when Metropolis Collectibles auctions it later this year. Needless to say, it seems likely.

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