The strangest auction I've ever seen

An auction with a difference took place in Sweden last week.

No money changed hands.

Instead, to win each of the three art glass pieces on offer, you had to demonstrate the greatest "emotional response".

This was achieved through heart rate and sweat monitors, which measured each of the 303 bidders' response to the pieces - which had a collective value of €25,000.

And while the science behind the auction is open to debate, there's no denying the unique angle of the auction.

And it set me thinking.

The collectibles sector is so concerned with the facts and figures, the "what's it worth?" and the "how much money will I make?", that the basic pure pleasure of owning rare, historically important pieces can often be forgotten.

I realise it's something I'm guilty of on occasion.

In my defence I've made my livelihood from collectibles so perhaps I'm allowed to be a little pre-occupied with the subject!

Lord Nelson hair
Lord Nelson's hair - its investment potential is uncertain, but that won't bother
the passionate Nelson collector who buys it

A couple of years ago we surveyed our readership to discover their motivations behind buying collectibles. It found:

 ·         6.7% purchase collectibles solely as an investment

·         18.0% purchase collectibles solely for the pleasure of ownership

·         69.3% purchase collectibles for a combination of investment purposes and pleasure of ownership

The results are clear. While making a sound investment when you buy a collectible is important to most people, the joy of ownership is absolutely central.

And if you haven't yet dipped your toe into the collectibles market, that joy is a pleasure you have waiting for you.

And so today I humbly offer you three items from our collection that might not make you your fortune, but will give you limitless emotional wealth.

Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson authentic lock of hair

Star Wars original props

Monty Python signed cast photograph

Thanks for reading,


PS. If you want to discover more about the emotional response auction in Sweden, click here. 

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