Tang Yin's Pine Valley realises $275,000 to lead Chinese art auction

One of the four masters of the Ming dynasty, Tang Yin, highlighted a New York auction of Chinese art on September 9, with his Voice in the Pine Valley.

Tang Yin Scroll
Tang Yin's eccentric lifestyle led him
to be immortalised in Chinese folklore

Tang Yin (1470-1523), better known as Tang Bohu, is noted for his unusual works that draw strong influence from Song dynasty art. An accomplished scholar, he is also known as a talented poet and calligrapher as well as being one of the most notorious Chinese artists.

Often regarded as a trickster, his eccentric lifestyle led him to be immortalised Chinese folklore, such as the famous opera The Three Smiles.

Voice in the Pine Valley is a characteristic representation of Tang Yin's work and originates from the illustrious Sai Yang Tang Collection of New York. A hanging scroll, it is signed by Tang Yin and bears his artist seal, as well as seven emperor's seals and three collectors' seals. It sold as top lot in the auction for $230,000.

Also featuring was a Qing dynasty work from Jiang Tinxi, entitled Mandarin Ducks in Lotus Pond. Described by the auction house as "an excellent example of the romanticism and balance inherent in fine Chinese paintings", the piece sold for $180,000.

Li Keran's work was represented by Buffalo Herders in the Shade, a charming piece dated 1983. Inscribed and signed by Keran with two artist seals, it sold for $130,000 - a very conservative price given auction precedents for his work.

The world record for Li Keran's work at auction was set earlier this year in Beijing, when Wan Shan Hong Bian sold for $46m.

The sale came just ahead of Asia week in New York, where leading auction houses such as Sotheby's and Christies will host a range of Chinese and Southeast Asian auctions, featuring some of the finest works on the current market. Follow the links above and visit our Art & Photography section for more news on these outstanding sales.

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