Spitting Image's Roger Law turns his hand to ceramics

Roger Law, the caricaturist behind hit British TV show Spitting Image, reveals his latest work in a new exhibition that runs until November 15 at the Sladmore Contemporary gallery in London.

Roger Law ceramics
Roger Law's post-Spitting Image career has taken him to Australia and China to perfect his craft

Beginning his career as a caricaturist for newspapers, Law won many awards for the satirical Spitting Image with his cutting depictions of Britain's politicians.

Paul Fraser Collectibles has the original Margaret Thatcher puppet from Spitting Image for sale - the most famous of Law's creations and an icon of British TV.

When Spitting Image was cancelled in 1996, Law moved to Australia becoming the artist in residence at the National Art School in Sydneywhere he was introduced to ceramics production.

From there he began working in the hallowed city of Jingdzhen, the centre of Chinese porcelain production for over two millennia.

Law's creations combine Australian fauna with Chinese techniques

Law's resulting work is a combination of both his Australian and Chinese experiences, bringing together modern designs of Australia's wildlife with a comic edge and ancient porcelain techniques.

"I was interested because we worked in clay and plasticine modeling for Spitting Image," Law told Christie's.

"One day, we had this brilliant idea of doing a series of 'Ugly Mugs'. To make them we had to go to Stoke-on-Trent and I fell in love with the small workshops and the people, who had a lot of skill."

"I am a guy who doesn't like working on his own; I like to work with workshops. Spitting Image had about 15 to 20 people at any one time."

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