Spiderman's first Amazing Fantasy #15 comic could bring $125,000 in Metropolis

We've reported on the sale of a wide range of memorabilia from the Superman creator Jerry Siegel, including a typewriter from which the original stories stemmed. But the upcoming auction at Metropolis is offering a very high grade example of one of the most coveted comics around.

This is issue 15 of Amazing Fantasy which, as many of our readers will already know, introduced Spiderman to the world.

Earlier this year, Metropolis/ComicConnect sold a rare copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 for a remarkable $1.1m, making it the second most valuable comic ever sold (after a copy of Action  Comics #1, which introduced Superman was also sold by the company for $1.5m).

Amazing Fantasy 15 9.0 Spiderman
The 9.0 Amazing Fantasy #15 - marvel at the awesome good looks of Spiderman

The present copy is unlikely to top that, as it is rated at 9.0, whilst the webslinger achieved a personal best of 9.6 to secure the $1.1m. Nevertheless, 9.0 is a higher grade than the Action Comics #1 which reached $1.5m (it's 8.5) or the Detective Comics #27 (the issue which introduced Batman) sold by Heritage for $1,075,000 which is third on the all time price list and graded at 8.0.

Of course the list is expected to be reset again by the Nicholas Cage copy of Action Comics #1, which is graded 9.0.

No doubt the sale of the Amazing Fantasy issue is not going to be hurt by the re-ignition of the Spiderman franchise starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker swooning over Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Stone) with the responsibilities of a superhero as he battles The Lizard.

The company has already broken records recently for The Avengers and Captain America, which have both recently inspired a movie, but whether this is due to the films themselves of just the consistent strength of the market in recent times is difficult to be certain of.

The Amazing Fantasy #15 is available until November 30, and already carries a bid of $125,000.

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Images: Metropolis/ComicConnect

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