Snoopy Vs the Red Baron battles to $101.5k

We recently reported on a Charles Schulz sketch of his rarely-drawn Peanuts character, Linus Van Pelt, which is available on the market priced $1,995.

But now an original Peanuts sketch - featuring the strip's famous anthropomorphic dog, Snoopy - has sold for much more.

Entitled Snoopy Vs the Red Baron, the Sunday original comic strip from July 31, 1966, features Snoopy's famous ongoing battle with his imaginary foe, the Red Baron.

"My son Monte claims to have been the one who gave me the idea for Snoopy chasing the Red Baron in his World War One flying gear while atop his Sopwith Camel doghouse," Schulz himself once recalled.

"I, of course, deny that he actually gave me the idea, but I admit that he inspired it, for at the time he was very much involved with building plastic models of World War One airplanes."

This signed and inscribed Snoopy Vs the Red Baron strip sold for $101,575

Whoever thought of it, the idea of Snoopy Vs the Red Baron created a national sensation which spread like wildfire, even resulting in a novelty pop record.

Measuring 22.5 x 15 inches, and matted and framed to an overall size of 29.5 x 22 inches, this classic piece of 1960s Americana sold for a remarkable $101,575 at Heritage Auction Galleries on February 25.

The strip's first panel is inscribed and signed, "To Phil with friendship - Charles Schulz."

According to Heritage, the strip was consigned from an Important California Collection.

Elsewhere, for collectors and investors unwilling to part with a six figure sum, there are a number of other entry-level Charles Schultz sketches and signatures available on the market.

A charming original drawing of Snoopy the dog in black and red by Charles Schulz, again bearing his rare autograph, is for sale, priced �1,950 ($3,200).

And the book Snoopy's Philosophy, signed and dedicated by Schulz, is valued at �1,250 ($2,000).

Also on the market is a signed Charlie Brown & Charles Schulz annual, released to mark the 20th anniversary of the Peanuts strip.

Inscribed "For Stephen, with best wishes, Charles M. Schulz," it is priced �495 ($815).


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