Smash! $343,000 Captain America #1 breaks comic book World Record

Recently a story emerged of a New Jersey pensioner who had carefully preserved his childhood comic book collection - against the entreaties of his family, who wanted them thrown out.

The collection was described as being in great condition with the high-grade books showing bright colours, tight spines, sharp edges and great eye appeal. In total it was expected to sell for $1m last night (August 9). But there was a likely leader amongst all the superheroes…

That was Captain America. To be specific: a copy of Captain America #1 in exceptional condition, being graded at 9.2 by the CGC, and listed as being expected to sell for up to $240,000.

That would have been just below the only higher graded copy of that issue, and the most expensive sold until now: the 9.6 graded Allentown copy, which sold for $265,000 roughly a decade ago.

When we wrote the last story, the New Jersey issue had broken the $100,000 mark but hadn't got much further, so we weren't quite certain which side of $240,000 it would finish on. But we shouldn't have doubted The Captain's strength.

Captain America
Captain America knocks out Hitler - and the previous record

The virtual hammer came down on down on the copy with a final price of $343,000. It's almost certain that interest in the auction was boosted by the recent release of the Captain America film.

The cover, which shows Captain America landing an explosive right hook on the jaw of Adolf Hitler is all the more remarkable given that it was published in 1941, at which time America was neutral in WWII.

Creators Jack Kirby and Joe Simon presumably didn't feel neutral (the next issue didn't show the masked hero headbutting Churchill).

Watch this space for more results from the extraordinary auction.


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