Schulz's $15,000 Charlie Brown sketch stars at 'busiest ever' Weiss auction


Three original, signed Peanuts daily comic strips from the 1960s by the late renowned illustrator Charles Schulz sold for a combined $40,115 at a multi-estate sale held on non-consecutive weekend days (June 9 and 11) by Philip Weiss Auctions.


The auction was held in the firm's spacious showroom facility, located at #1 Neil Court in Oceanside, NY.  
One of the strips, dated Aug. 3, 1961, had a baseball theme, with Charlie Brown placing a want ad for a managerial position. It brought $15,820.

The second, dated July 25, 1960, featured Charlie, Violet and Peppermint Patty, with Charlie declaring, "I'm infinite." It brought $13,560. The third strip, dated Sept. 5, 1964, showed a testy exchange between Lucy and Linus ($10,735).



Philip Weiss's sale of classic cartoons from the pen of Charles Schulz resulted in the auction house's most popular-ever sale

The auction attracted about 200 people (between the viewing and the actual sale), while absentee bids and Internet bidding (via accounted for between 6,000 and 7,000 bids.

Philip Weiss described the sale as, "the most we've ever had for a single auction. The phones were busy, too").

Overall, around 1,400 lots changed hands in a sale that grossed approximately $600,000.

This Schulz sale is the latest to confirm the cartoonist's status as one of the best alternative investments on the collectibles markets.

This highly-valued original sketch showing Snoopy lying on the roof of his kennel is for sale on the private collectibles markets


Elsewhere, Schulz's family is reportedly planning to boost his legacy with TV specials and a new film starring Charlie Brown and pals.

Schulz's autographs appears on the market priced at anything from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand dollars, and it's often possible to spot undervalued bargains.


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