Rossiter and Mignot's Mount Vernon smashes estimate by 335%

Washington and Lafayette at Mount Vernon by Thomas Pritchard Rossiter and Louis Remy Mignot made $305,000 at Sotheby's New York on April 16.

The lot was estimated at $70,000, equating to an increase of 335.7%.

Rossiter Mignot painting Sothebys
The work was produced by Rossiter and Mignot in 1859

The painting depicts the two founding fathers on the lawn of Washington's estate in Mount Vernon and is set in 1784, one year after the end of the revolutionary war.

Rossiter (1818-1871) is best known for his works depicting early American history, a project he began in 1857. The painting was created in tandem with Mignot (1831-1870) - a French American artist affiliated with the Hudson River School.

A larger version of the painting is on display in Mount Vernon.

A Seaside Pasture by Willard Metcalfe (1858-1925) achieved $269,000 - an increase of 79.3% on a $150,000 estimate.

The work dates to 1910 and displays the artist's mastery of the impressionist aesthetic. Like many American painters of the era, Metcalfe studied in Paris before returning to the US to build his career.

He was highly successful during his lifetime, with one work (Benediction) setting a world record for a painting by an American artist when it sold for $13,000 in 1923.

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